Deal of the Century

Al Ezabi Family has the honor to announce its latest contracts By  completing the contract with Mr. Adly Al-Oqai'i, the Public Relations and Marketing Engineer, and welcomes his joining the team of the Office.

Exciting New Partnership Announcement for El Ezaby Law Firm and IPC International Company

We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with IPC Multinational Company which provides reciprocal “specialist” services in Immigration and Migration Services relating to EU Permanent Residency & EU Citizenship and for El Ezaby “clients” wishing to apply for Citizenship/Nationality in CYPRUS Caribbean and EUROPIAN UNION countries .

This is because of our Vision is to offer comprehensive legal counseling for local as well as international businesses focusing on building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Such clients include private and public sector companies, financial institutions, shipping, construction, manufacturing and agricultural corporations.