ABOUT Walid El-Ezaby

The Board chairman


Mr. Walid Elezaby the Managing Partner of Elezaby Law firm which was established, in 1998 and with a very well reputation, Elezaby has become one of the leading law firms in the Middle East. He heads the Litigation, Arbitration, local and international investment.

 Mr. Walid achieved his LL.B. at the Faculty of Law of Mansoura University, in 1996. He then obtained a Diploma in Criminal science Law, in 1998, and a second Diploma in public law from the Faculty of Law, in 1999, from the same University. So he holds the Master degree in 1999, then he also obtained a diploma in international arbitration, in 2000.

Mr. Walid Elezaby has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the legal field. He is a passionate lawyer who has an optimistic vision to virtual lawyering. He believes in investing in new and innovative approaches to serve the law on local and international scope, where he has handled cases before courts of all natures and degrees and has also represented a great number of heavy weight clients in all sorts of arbitration cases. He is an expert in the preparation of the applications of arbitration, writs of cases, appeals and pleadings and in carrying out all the procedures for the execution of judgments including arbitration awards as well as foreign judgments.

 Mr. Walid is an expert in Private, Civil, Commercial, Banking, Social Security, and Commercial Arbitration. He is specialized in drafting all kinds of contracts, commercial agencies, real estate mortgage and commercial mortgage contracts, Capital Markets and Projects groups.

Mr. Walid Elezaby was admitted before the Egyptian Court of Cassation. He is also a member of the Egyptian Bar Association and Egyptian Society of International Law.


  • Bachelor's Degree Faculty of Law, Mansoura University, 1997.
  • Diploma of criminal science law in 1998.
  • Diploma of public law in 1999.
  • Diploma of international arbitration in 2000.
  • Master degree” International arbitration” 2000.
  • Various Courses in Arbitration & Securities and Commercial Contracts.
  • Various courses in banking & Electronic crimes.

Walid El-ezaby is a well known lawyer and the best choice for big local and international investors.

Areas of Expertise

  • Member of the Egyptian BAR Association since 1997.
  • Legal consultant for several different collaborative organizations.
  • Legal consultant for different IPOs.
  • Legal consultant for different international companies.
  • Participated in many international arbitration cases.
  • Expert in economical disputes in local and international markets.
  • Expert in real estate disputes and contracting.
  • Expert in civil local and international contracts.


  • Arabic: (Native)
  • English: (Advanced)